branded apps

Technology is forever changing, and it is never easy to keep yourself and your firm updated with the newest features and content. Our Branded App Solution helps keep your firm in the loop of technology and makes it easier than ever to manage your own app. Our apps are available as iOS, Android and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and give you access to many useful features which allow you to always "Keep your clients informed".

Some of these features are as follows:

library of publications

  • Publications added to app as and when purchased
  • Access to new and updated publications as and when released

content management system (CMS)

  • News
    • Archive of over 200 news articles
    • 4 news articles added monthly


  • Tax Dates
  • Public Holidays
  • School Holidays
  • Important Firm Dates


  • Push notifications
  • SMS notifications

Search functionality throughout your apP