Why an app?

Increases your firms visibility  
Differentiates your firm from others  
Helps to engage with clients and gives them access to information 24/7  
Reinforces idea that accountants are the main call for trusted accounting information opposed to Google  
Allows firms to have a larger reach of clients instead of just those in immediate area  
Gives firm ability to be more proactive

Benefits of a progressive web app

First and foremost an app
Easier to access than a website and no download through app stores is required
Accessible on any device, unlike native apps which can only be accessed on Android or iOS mobile devices
PWAs are responsive, meaning their display is optimized for each device
Due to PWAs being hosted on the web, they are discoverable by search engines and as well as optimized for web searches (SEO) making them display on web searches as if they were a website
Easy to share, just like sharing a link to a website
Cache-able, allowing it to be used offline

Read more on the advantages and benefits of PWAs below

news articles


An archive of over 200 news articles which can be easily edited and published at any time 

4 articles added monthly

Every month, an additional 4 articles will be uploaded to your PWA which can be published at any time

Edit and create your own content

Edit any article in your archive and make it your own or easily create your own articles from scratch


Categorize your articles so they can be easily sorted and helps users find information relevant to what they want

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All articles are optimized with keywords, enabling them to be discovered in web searches

Tax Calendar

tax dates

All important tax deadlines are added to your calendar, making it easier for users to keep track

public and school holidays

firm events

Add your own events or important dates to the calendar, keeping your users up to date

scheduled push notifications

Whenever an event starts, a push notification will automatically be sent to users notifying them of the event and acting as a reminder

knowledge base

library of publications

A library where firms can upload any of their publications for viewing as well as any publications bought from Profmark


Each publication is optimized with keywords, enabling them to be discovered in web searches


your branding throughout

As always, your logo and firm details will be displayed throughout the PWA with no mention of Profmark anywhere

use your own domain

By default, all PWAs are hosted on the .profmarkapp domain but if you would prefer, your PWA can be easily hosted on another other domain that you own

customise your pwa

Add or remove sections and easily edit them within your PWA to give it the look and feel that you want

Additional features

Add your preferred RSS feeds, embed videos, add a photo gallery - there are many additional features that can be explored when customising your PWA

PUSh/SMS Notifications

PUSH/sms notifications

Keep your users updated on your content, or remind them about old content that has become relevant again, by easily out a push or SMS notification from your backend

Easier to share content

Push and SMS notifications make way for a different way to connect with users and clients instead of sending out bulk emails

search functionality

internal search engine

An internal search engine helps users to find content relevant to them quickly and easily

searches all content

Searches go through all content contained in the app, returning all relevant content to the keyword that was searched for

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